Limitations are Accelerators | Shawrya Mehrotra | TEDxSBSC

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Mr. Shawrya Mehrotra is a passionate entrepreneur who, through his own startup Metvy, is working to democratize and simplify mentorship and networking for Indians. He’s been featured in Yahoo Finance, YourStory, Inc42, and a slew of other publications. He is now redefining the conventional means of networking and learning in India.

He talks about how life is unpredictable and how nature has a way of always re-directing living beings towards evolution and development in his talk. Things that are typically thought of as speed bumps in existence can also serve as accelerators, assisting us in moving forward and evolving, as well as exploring and using our latent potential. Although preparation can help to make the future less unpredictable, the fact remains that life is full of surprises, and while planning can provide guidance, it is impossible to account for all externalities.
Mr. Shawrya talks about how a schedule is about our self-growth and how it gives us an unreal comfort of getting the time and how we view time and life as something that is likely to follow the mean direction and not deviate from it. As a result, we’ll never be able to fully account for it. Shawrya Mehrotra is a passionate visionary working on democratising and simplifying mentorship and networking for Indians through Metvy which is currently valued at over a million dollars. Featured in Yahoo Finance, YourStory, Inc42 and many other media houses, he also happens to be a part-time public speaker with over 50 engagements for many prestigious academic institutions and programs.
An Alumnus of Delhi University and an Incubatee at IIM-B’s NSRCEL Program – Shawrya is now redefining the traditional means of networking & learning in India. This talk was given at a TEDx event using the TED conference format but independently organized by a local community. Learn more at

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