Artificial Unintelligence: A Hybrid Future of AI and Mankind | Frances Li | TEDxShanghai

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Optimism, tenacity, and magnanimity, during the past year, Frances discovered these three important qualities of our people. Sharing poems in three languages, Chinese, English and Japanese, Frances emphasized the role of TEDx as a knowledge-sharing platform and introduced us to a world that we can all universally understand each other through the beauty of literature and emotions. Frances Li is an expert in charitable foundations and arts management, a cultural management and art museum business visionary, and investor in the tech and cultural industry sectors.

She has been dedicated to social welfare, serving from 2010 to 2014 as the Executive President of SmileAngel Foundation, during which time she presided over the preparations for the SmileAngel Children’s Hospital, and won the “China Charity Award” – the highest honour given by the Ministry of Civil Affairs in the field of China’s charity foundations.

In 2014, she was invited to serve as the Executive Chairman of Yuan Art Museum Preparation Committee, a private art museum with educational responsibilities to the public; this art museum was founded by Zeng Fanzhi and designed by Japanese architect Tadao Ando. Based on her outstanding social contributions, she was awarded the “Red Flag March 8 badge” in Beijing in 2018; she became the Global Chief Operating Officer of I.M. Pei Foundation (贝聿铭基金会) the following year, and initiated the creation of the Asian Architectural Heritage Foundation.

She is committed to art asset management, endeavouring to create a mutually beneficial system of private art collection and national cultural heritage protection. In 2016, Li founded alittlepoetess Research / Production / Artkeeper , the aim of which is to develop the relationship between private art collections and the cultural heritage protection system, developing linked ways of thinking, and effective modes of support and influence, in order to mutually support the country’s future cultural development. Today’s China needs to gradually accumulate and protect its wealth of contemporary cultural heritage, in order to lay realistic and sustainable foundations for national cultural assets and thereby self- confidence.

The alittlepoetess team has been working with Hongyuan Group, one of the largest logistics companies in China, to establish and design a new kind of art care system linking all art service sectors on one platform – a “one-stop” service system within the bonded area of Beijing Capital Airport.

Li is also heavily involved with innovation for arts and technology education. She created the brand ArtTechKids (ATK) in 2018 to study the current state of parent-child education in China and Japan. ATK is a family-focused deep learning centre that combines art, technology, educational space, amusement park, and creative training curricula.

With strategic forward-thinking, Frances Li is always trying to break boundaries. She has become one of the primary leaders in the industries she is involved with. With the original intention of cultural heritage protection, Li upholds sustainable development strategies and innovation in entertainment, and is now engaged in urban renewal and international community development. This talk was given at a TEDx event using the TED conference format but independently organized by a local community. Learn more at

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