School as Family: Education aligned with healthy child development. | Sue Roffey | TEDxNorwichED

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Healthy child development includes the drive to discover, become independent, be active, connect with others and have fun. When schools promote an environment that fosters positive development, all pupils are more likely to thrive. Education that mirrors the best of family life puts wellbeing at its heart and includes learning to be and live together as well as knowledge and skills. This will not only reduce mental health concerns and enable young people to become the best of themselves, it will also empower future communities to flourish. Dr Sue Roffey, FBPsS, FRSA, is an educational psychologist, academic, consultant and writer. She is honorary associate professor at Exeter and Western Sydney Universities and Director of Growing Great Schools Worldwide. A prolific author, Sue’s passion for the wellbeing of students – and their teachers – is threaded throughout her many publications on behaviour, relationships and social and emotional learning. Her recent projects include the Primary and Secondary Behaviour Cookbooks (Routledge 2019), the development of the ASPIRE framework for wellbeing, the third edition of Circle Solutions for Student Wellbeing (Sage 2020), the Wellbeing Stories for 8-11 year olds and an international collaboration entitled Creating the World We Want to Live in: Positive Psychology for the Future. This talk was given at a TEDx event using the TED conference format but independently organized by a local community. Learn more at

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