Need for women in AI | Usha Rengaraju | TEDxKCMTWomen

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“87% of those involved in AI are men and only 13% are women”
A field like Artificial intelligence were men tends to have more dominance within the big data sets of trained machine learning,Usha Rengaraju,became one of the pioneers to introduce Artificial intelligence in India.Setting an inspiring example of taking things in your own hands whatever the situation is, she talks about how women should be more involved in fields like AI and what benefits they bring. Give a listen to the talk and it will reconfirm your believe in yourself, inspiring you to take action. Usha Rengaraju is the first woman developer of Artificial Intelligence in India. Her love for Mathematics and Statistics attracted her to the field of Artificial Intelligence and she understood it was the NORTHERN STAR!! One bold step leads to another beginning. She conducted India’s first Neuro AI conference. She made her own mark by taking the BOLD step to follow her passion and proved that gender isn’t a barrier for doing something you are passionate about. As part of this initiative, she is currently working as the ambassador at AI Med (a group of enthusiasts and expert physicians and AI experts) This talk was given at a TEDx event using the TED conference format but independently organized by a local community. Learn more at

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