Merging A PDF File Without Needing To Download Any Applications

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Merging A PDF File Without Needing To Download Any Applications

Many people know that merging PDF documents can be difficult, and because of that, they have been searching for the best option to make things even a bit easier. Some individual developers heard their cries for help, so they came to help and thought about how to fix this. Thus, creating this website.

The website that is being talked about here is the PDFBear. This is a site where you could do everything that needs to be done with your PDF documents. You can split, sign, compress, convert, and even merge multiple PDF documents into one. And the best thing about this is that everything would be accessible and done within minutes.

Tips On How You Can Save Your Time Using This Website

There aren’t so many things you need to remember when you want a PDF merge. There are only four easy steps that you need to follow. However, there is a straightforward thing that you must remember before anything else. That is to always make sure that you have your document with you before going to the website, and this one is important.

This is an essential thing to remember since it will save you a ton of time on the website. This can also ensure that you will upload the correct file since there is a time frame once you have uploaded your files. Often because of that timeframe, people freak out and upload an incorrect file. Thereby starting over again.

Steps And Tips In Merging A Single Or Multiple Page PDF Documents

Since you already know the trick of saving time when using this website, you can now go to the first step. Get the files you have been holding on to. Take it from your desktop, drag and drop it on the merging space that PDFBear has offered. It should be as easy as getting an apple and dropping it on your basket.

The second step would be to wait for a few minutes. Once you have dropped the document on the space, the website will automatically process the merging, and it will combine your files and documents into a single PDF file. After that, you will now proceed to step three. That is the only thing that you will need to do for step two.

For the third step, once the website has processed and merged your document, you can modify any documents that need to be changed. Once you have finished, all you need to do is press “combine” or “merge PDF!” This will finalize your PDF files. Now proceed to the last step.

For the fourth and final step, everything should be merged and completed. That means the only thing left to do is download your finished product to your desktop, or you can also choose to send or email it to your Google Drive and Dropbox. And now you’re done! Easy, right? There are no further instructions. You can now share this with all your friends.

Customer Security Is Their Utmost Priority

PDFBear offers many unique features. However, their security and privacy policy is one that you should never take for granted—considering that they have sacrificed a lot of things to make sure that it would be perfected. You can always feel safe with your personal information whenever you use their website and all their tools.

This is a specific feature where the documents you have uploaded on the site will be deleted after an hour. That is why it is essential to have all your files with you already, to not waste time on their website. This will also make you feel at ease when you leave their site, forgetting to delete your documents or files.

Compatible In All Operating Systems And Browsers Out There

If you have an old school desktop and are still using an outdated browser or have the most advanced and latest ones, you will not need to worry that you cannot use their website since they have made sure that their site would be compatible with many browsers. It can be Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer, or even Microsoft Edge.

One other thing is that their website is compatible with any operating systems out there. It can be Mac, Windows, Linux, and all other major browsers available on the market today. This will genuinely remove all the doubts and worries that you may have. Anyone can say that their website is one of a kind and made to be a perfect assisting tool for everyone.

Everything Happens In The Cloud

This only means one thing. Since more people are now living in the modern world, it is no doubt that all technology is having a hard time keeping up. So if you are using your desktop for so many years now and are having trouble with the disk space available, worry not! Everything happens online and in the cloud when you use this site.

This only means that this fantastic website will not take up any space from your desktop. They will use zero percent of your desktop capacity when you are merging a specific file or document. The only thing you need to have is your document and internet access, and then you would be good to go.


There are no doubts that the developers of PDFBear are not the only ones who thought of doing the same with people, and in this case, that is correct. Since there are many other conversion or merging websites out there, they have lots of competitors. However they will emerge victoriously and make their website as perfect as ever. So, try it out now for your document needs, it won’t let you down!

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